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Initiating the Marrakech Process on Sustainable Consumption and Production

“The major cause of the continued deterioration of the global environment are the unsustainable patterns of consumption and production, particularly in industrialised countries, which is a matter of grave concern, aggravating poverty and imbalances.”
(Agenda 21 (Chap. 4.3), Earth Summit, Rio 1992)

Bas de Leeuw

That statement led – ten years later at the Johannesburg World Summit on Sustainable Development – to the call for a ten-year framework to promote Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP) and to work towards a ‘Global Framework for Action on SCP’, the so-called 10 Year Framework of Programmes on SCP (10YFP), also known as the “Marrakech Process”, since its first conference in 2003.

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the United Nations Department for Economic and Social Affairs (UN-DESA) are the leading agencies of this global process, with an active participation of national governments, development agencies, private sector, civil society and other stakeholders. See the UNEP-UNDESA joint website.

With a small enthusiastic “Marrakech team” we organised major global conferences in Marrakech (2003), Costa Rica (2005), and Stockholm (2007), as well as numerous regional and national events.

Adriana Zacarias Farah

It was a tremendous pleasure to work with Tarcisio Alvarez Rivero (UN DESA; with me sometimes referred to as the brother of the Marrakech Process) and Adriana Zacarias Faras (Miss Marrakech, eh, and I would then be Mister Marrakech) … 🙂

Viveka Bohn

My good friend Viveka Bohn, former Swedish Ambassador for Sustainable Development was the most supportive “heart and brains” one could wish for, a believer, and a creative and firm negotiator who knew when and where to act.