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Steiner announces increased UNEP – WRF cooperation

achim steinerNairobi, June 21 2013 In a letter to the WRF Achim Steiner, Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme, has expressed his wish to explore ways for increasing the cooperation between UNEP, in particular its International Resource Panel (IRP), and the WRF.

There are in particular opportunities for disseminating the work of the IRP to a wide arrange of stakeholders, so he writes, reflecting on the outcomes of the recent meeting of the IRP, held in Berlin.

In the plenary sessions of the upcoming WRF 2013, to be held in Davos, 7-9 October, UNEP will be represented by the highest official of the Paris office, Sylvie Lemmet, who oversees the IRP as well as the SCP Marrakech process and other global issues regarding technology, trade, industry and economics.

The IRP will organise workshops respectively on metals and on city level decoupling, at WRF 2013.  The chair and many IRP members will have active speaking roles in the various sessions in Davos, and will be available for bilateral talks with participants. UNEP IRP logo

“I strongly believe”, writes Achim Steiner, “that the question of governance of natural resources constitutes a critical factor in addressing the 21st century challenge of moving towards sustainable resource management. In this framework, the role played by the World Resources Forum and its partnership with the UNEP-hosted International Resource Panel (IRP) is indeed key.” He announces new publications, including on City-level Decoupling, Metals Impact, Metals Recycling Opportunities, Sustainable Land Management and Decoupling.

In a response WRF Managing Director Bas de Leeuw, a former Paris based UNEP diplomat, then responsible for IRP and Marrakech process, says to be humbled and honored by UNEPs proposed increased cooperation. “UNEP is the authorative body on the global level in the issues of resource management, and well respected for inspiring new ways and concepts, such as the Green Economy, and for mobilising the best expertise available, to tackle the enormous challenges we face. Having such partner in our family and with such commitment is the best one could wish for.”

Find here all about UNEP and its International Resource Panel.

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