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100 words: 200 visionaries share their hope for the future

Sustainability is not about fighting against the waves of technology, industry, and economics. It is about riding them and determining ourselves where we land. The creativity, the knowledge, and the resources are at hand. It is time to answer.

Do consumers have to go on blindly satisfying their desires, while looking away from the poor and helpless, who sink deeper and deeper?

We have the choice between consuming and caring. That visions gives power. It will bring about a new world. We will be reconnected with nature, with other people, and with ourselves.

Now let us dare to move.

Bas de Leeuw, in “100 words, 200 visionaries’, William Murtha, Conari Press, 2010

The book features stories compiled by William Murtha, a former businessman who decided to pursue a more meaningful life path as a philantropist and activist after a near-death experience by drowning in 1999. In subsequently founding the Global Visionaries Project, Murtha sent out a request to two hundred visionaries: “In one hundred words, please share empowering stories and thoughts that best encapsulate your insight, wisdom, and feelings on how we can move towards a more just, fulfilling, and peaceful world.”

With a diverse range of eminent contributions arranged alphabetically from the famous (Alice Walker, Julia Butterfly Hill, Satish Kumar, Jane Goodall) to more up-and-coming movers-and-shakers, the book also includes a short biography of each person, plus a list of five books, music, art or ideas that influenced them.

Books that have inspired Bas (p. 88):

What the Buddha Taught, Walpola Rahula


Demian, Herman Hesse

Songs that have inspired Bas (p. 88):

“Run Baby Run”, Sheryl Crow

“There Ain’t No Cure for Love”, Leonard Cohen

“Beautiful People”, Mathilde Santing

“Unchained Melody”, Righteous Brothers

“Imagine”, John Lennon

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